Hair smoothening in Delhi

Everything you should know about hair Smoothening service

Straight hair has always been in trend. We are bothered with it and it is this desire of women with straight hair which results to the introduction of multiple hair methods that gives to straight appearing hair. And hair smoothening is one such service which will give your desired result.

If you have been making painstaking efforts to maintain unruly, frizzy and unmanageable hair, it is time for you to step out and visit us for a good hair smoothening. Hair smoothening is a chemical process where your hair will be saturated in formaldehyde solution, then it is dried out and flat ironed for a straight smooth look. This process also includes inducing lost protein to your hair strands which make them stronger and appear healthy and shiny at the same time.

Is smoothening good for hair

While we used to go for hair straightening earlier, smoothening is a lot safer then the later. However, since it is the most important asset you have it is best to go for a trained and experienced professional who would do the job for you. The process involves chemicals and they must be used wisely so only a well trained professional can ensure that hair smoothening is done perfectly without damaging the hair.

Positive effects of Hair smoothening

A good hair smoothening would result in beautiful straight hair with good shine. Each hair strand appears healthy; it is easier to maintain them than before. The process helps regain hair strength as it also replenishes the superficial top layer of proteins for each strand of hair during the process. However, since the process involves chemicals it is best to be carried out by trained hands from a trusted hair salon specializing in it. We have well trained and experienced experts to handle your hair

Don’t forget When You Get Your Hair Smoothened

  • Do not tie your hair in haphazard manner at all for two or three days.
  • Do not wash your hair with shampoo for few days.
  • If possible wash your first hair wash by professional.
  • Use products particular products. Usually, beauty experts advise products to apply.
  • Avoid oiling your hair for at least 10days.
  • Apply mild shampoos to lessen the negative effect of raw chemicals on your hair.
  • Never stop conditioning your hair as it guides in nourishing your locks.
  • You can sometime use hair masks to enhance your hair growth and help to grow better.

Some of the precautionary steps for best hair smothering service from a hair salon

BE REALISTIC– Good hair smoothening on your hair takes time. One sitting is not just enough for good service. You will observe the best result minimum after two to three hours, It not just a half an hours job. Clients often misinterpret hair experts as magicians. They bring pictures of model with hair smothering done and think it to be done within an hour. You must have realistic expectation from hair smothering.

CONSULTATION IS COMPULSORY– Before hair smothering experts should examine your hair and suggest how far the hair smoothening look beautiful on hair that you desired. Hair smoothening service you wish is doable or not. If the expert says it is possible then you should proceed.

SHAMPOO USE SHOULD BE LIMITED– After hair smoothening shampoo use should be limited. Generally we shampoo our hair two to three times a week .This should be cut down to one or two time a week. Best way to preserve hair smoothening is limited use of shampoo.

CAUTIOUS ABOUT HEAT TOOLS – Heat tools can adverse effect on your hair. For example Heat tool can make your affect your hair quality so use minimal heat for the service.

BE SELECTIVE WHILE USING HAIR OIL – hair oil prevents the hair smoothening service to act on hair. Not only has that it also prevented the hair from heat-styling.


 Most Hair salon possesses a website of their own, or a Facebook page. Either one is another great platform to clear out your queries when you’re thinking how to choose a hair salon.


It won’t matter that you’ve selected the perfect salon if you can’t purchase a shampoo there, let alone highlights and a trim. Salons and individual stylists can vary wildly in price, so before you make a fixed decision, ensure their prices fit into your bud.

Time taken for hair Smoothening service

Based on your hair length and volume, the process can take anywhere between 2 hours to 3 hours. If have very dense hair; hence it will took around 4.5 hours.

How many days the effect will last?

Totally it is based on the natural texture of your hair and your hair care routine. Smoothening can have effect for a year with regular treatments and hair Straightening. When hair is very resistant, it is expected to last for at least with good hair maintenance.

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